Join The Club
Our club has a focus on the following objectives:
  • competition, including school, club and track racing;   
  • recreational cycling;
  • a sense of community in cycling, including riding for companionship and enjoyment;
  • education and safety, including improving the behaviour of cyclists on public roads;
  • coaching and training (including bunch riding skills and mechanical knowledge);
  • event organisation; and
  • commuting and bike advocacy.
Join Auckland Central Cycling Club - to join as a licensed rider just download this form: Licence Application 2011 v2.pdf and complete pages 3 and 4.

You can complete the membership application and pay on line, from the home page of this site using the "Pay Event / Club Registration" button.

Membership is open to all cyclists (regardless of age, sex or school affiliation) who desire a focal point for their hours on the streets and roadways of New Zealand, for those who wish to widen their cycling horizons to include new friends, bike advocacy, commuting by bike, recreational riding and club racing. The Club hopes to provide a platform for exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge of all aspects of cycling.  We welcome new members from the larger cycling community who wish to join a new type of club dedicated to fostering the sport in as many ways as possible.